Trade and Consumerism at the Ministry of Economy

Ministry of Economy and Industry

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 Trade and Consumerism at the Ministry of Economy

The Ministry of Economy works to enforce fair trade rules that will guarantee the wellbeing of the individual and develop competitiveness in the economy. In addition, the ministry promotes processes and activities to reduce the cost of living for the benefit of the general public and for businesses.

Key activities include:


  • Policy-making and initiating legislation on consumerism issues
  • Handling reports of violations of the Consumer Protection Law or other related violations.
  • Public relations and information for the public on various issues.
  • Surveys, research and inquiries.
  • Enforcing laws related to government intervention in order to guarantee competition in the market.
  • Assessing activities conducted by businesses and preventing businesses from taking over the market.
  • Publishing information about products that put public safety and health and risk.



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