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 Terms Of Use



​The Ministry of Economy (hereinafter: the ministry) supplies information via this online service/informative internet website (hereinafter: the service) subject to the following terms and conditions. The term "user" below refers to any person or corporation that contacts or corresponds with the service.

The publications on the website are designed to assist the general public by providing general, initial and non-committed information only. The information provided here shall not replace, add, remove, or alter any ruling or procedure and is subject to periodical changes of any kind. In case of doubt or contradiction, the ordinances stated by law, regulations, orders and procedures shall be the deciding ones. The information provided here shall not obligate the Ministry of Economy, including all of its units, and shall not provide additional rights that are not granted by law.



In accordance with the copyright laws that apply in Israel, and in accordance with international conventions, copyrights for all ministry publications, including those that are published via this service, shall belong to the State of Israel. These copyrights apply, among others, to all texts, images, illustrations, maps, music and video clips, graphics and software applications (hereinafter: protected material), unless it has been specifically stated that the copyrights for protected material belong to another entity.

Users may use protected material "fairly", in accordance with the terms determined by law. Fair use includes reasonable citations from the protected material.

When citing, as aforementioned, the person using the material shall include a reference to the source of the citation, regardless of whether or not that person is a ministry employee. Users may not distort, damage or change the protected material in any way, or perform any other action that may diminish the value of the protected material, or compromise the dignity or reputation of the copyright owner.

Subject to copyright laws, users may not copy, redistribute, rebroadcast, or publish any protected material without receiving prior, written consent from the ministry.


Contacting the Ministry

Any questions related to this service or any of the ministry's additional activities can be addressed directly to the ministry via the proposals and customer inquiry form.



The service is provided to the public as is.

The State of Israel shall not be responsible for accommodating the service to the user's specific needs. In addition, the State of Israel shall not be liable for any mistakes or errors found in the material made available by the service.

The State of Israel shall not be liable for any changes made to material made available by the service that has been submitted by other users or a third party.

Users shall bear sole liability for the manner in which they use the service.
The State of Israel shall not be liable for any damage caused to a user or to a third party as the direct or indirect result of using the service, including damage caused due to use of the software applications that were directly downloaded via the service, or activated while using the service, including Java, JavaScript and Active-X applications.

With regard to this article the "State of Israel" includes its employees and representatives.



This service contains links to other websites. The following terms apply to use of these links and do not override any other terms of use.

The links have been included for the user's convenience only.

Regarding links to external websites that do not belong to the State of Israel (third-party websites): Unless otherwise noted on this website, the ministry and the owners of the third-party website do not maintain legal or commercial relations whatsoever, and the ministry has no control or rights with regard to the content that appears on these websites.

The State of Israel shall not be liable for content that appears on third-party websites.
The appearance of links to third-party websites shall not be considered approval, validation, recommendation or preference of the State of Israel or of the Ministry for the associated websites, including documents and any other content that they contain, or for the owners of the websites or the products that they present.

When a link is added to the service, the information found on the linked website has been deemed suitable for the purposes of the service and the link itself has been found intact. Nevertheless, changes may have occurred in the linked website over time. If users believe that the website or the linked content is not suitable or if the link is not intact, they are asked to inform the webmaster. In addition, if the user believes that there are additional websites that are relevant to the topic of this service, the webmaster shall be informed as well.


Official publications by the State of Israel

​If contradictions or discrepancies are found between material published on the service and material officially published in writing by the State of Israel, the official publications shall overwrite all others.


Publications by external sources on the website​

​Authors that are external to the ministry shall be exclusively liable for the content of their articles that appear on this website, and the opinions that they present do not necessarily represent the policies of the Ministry of Economy.

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