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11/16/2016 9:00 AM
Foreign Trade Administration

HLS Cyber

​The 4th Israel HLS & Cyber 2016 international conference for Homeland Security and Cyber Security, co-organized by the Foreign Trade Administration at the Israeli Ministry of Economy and Industry and the Israel Export Institute, took place in Tel-Aviv on November 15-16, 2016.


​The Israel National Cyber Bureau at the Israeli Prime Minister’s Office, the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs, SIBAT -  the Israeli Defense Ministry, the Israeli Ministry of Public Security and the Israel Airport Authority are all partners in the conference.  160 leading homeland security and cyber security companies were represented at the conference, including Elbit, Israel Aerospace Industries, Check Point and others. Around 1,700 leading representatives from homeland security and cyber related organizations from abroad also participated.

Amit Lang, Director General of the Israeli Ministry of Economy and Industry: “Trade representatives from the Israeli Ministry of Economy and Industry have succeeded, following intense efforts, in bringing hundreds of visitors to the conference from around the world. The core work of the attachés is to strengthen the ties between the Israeli industry and global enterprises, especially with sectors in which Israel has a clear advantage, like cyber-security and homeland security. The conference is the result of ongoing, multi-year activities, in which connections are created between the trade representatives and leading organizations abroad. These activities have already led to transactions valuing in tens of millions of dollars and I am sure this trend will only grow with time. We will continue to work with the industry and to help as best we can to strengthen Israel’s global trade ties.”

The aim of the conference, which focussed on the meeting point between securing physical and cyber sectors, is to highlight initiatives and solutions from Israeli exporters, representing the newest technologies in the field, while creating an appropriate infrastructure to advance Israeli exports and international cooperation.
Hundreds of senior officials from around the world arrived in Israel for the conference to meet with diverse Israeli companies and security agencies. Among the participants were internal security ministers, mayors, CEOs of leading companies, police commanders, representatives of intelligence agencies, anti-terror units, security chiefs in airports and more.

The trade representatives of the Israeli Ministry of Economy and Industry worked relentlessly to bring dozens of delegations and schedule business meetings for visitors, with an aim of exposing decision makers around the world to Israel’s homeland security and cyber-security industries. In addition, Israeli economic missions around the world will continue to be in contact with visitors to the exhibition in the coming months, in order to strengthen Israeli industry’s ties and to increase the cooperation between agencies from Israel and abroad.

The conference included an exhibition focusing on solutions in the worlds of cyber-security, intelligence, counter-terrorism, law enforcement, airport security, defending critical infrastructure like water, oil and gas, preparing for and managing emergencies, first responders and smart cities.

The homeland security industry is among the oldest in Israel, and serves as a key engine of growth for Israeli exports in world markets. The Israeli homeland security industry includes more than 500 companies and is very diverse, including, among others, drone technology, video analysis, sophisticated intelligence systems and more. In Israel, this industry is also based on the experience of the military and police department and on the R&D centers of large homeland security companies and startups. Security exports are assessed at around $7.5 billion per year.


The Israeli cyber-security industry is considered one of the newest industries in Israel, and each year breaks new records for the number of companies established, recruitment of capital, exits and investments. Over the past year (2015), Israel’s cyber exports, products and services were estimated at $3.5 billion, approximately 5% of the global cyber market. Israel, thanks to its practical experience and skilled personnel, is today considered a central hub integrating advanced techniques, operative capability and innovation. These all bring hundreds of delegations every year to Israel, coming to scout for relevant solutions to global cyber problems that are becoming more and more acute by the year.

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