Registration and licensing of engineers and architects

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 Registration and licensing of engineers and architects


Details of the service

​Registration in the Register of Engineers and Architects awards state recognition of the title of Engineer/Architect and certification to practise in reserved activities fields such as: architecture, landscape architecture, chemistry and civil-buildings, electrical engineering.


Registration and Licensing Procedure



How to receive the service

​Registration and licensing of engineers and architects is effected by the Registration of Engineers and Architects Department in the Business Registration and Licensing Division.

The application for registration is filed via an online registration and licensing form in the Register of Engineers and Architects.

The online form is supported by browsers Internet Explorer in versions 8,9,10,11 as well as Firefox in versions  29,30,31in the Windows and Linux environment.


HELPLINE:  1-800-200-560 ext. 3


Questionnaire for registration in the engineers and architects register



Eligibility for registraion conditions

​The Engineers and Architects Law 5718 – 1958 prescribes that registration in the Register shall be granted to holders of a bachelor's degree in engineering or architecture, when the diploma and the institution are recognized by the Registrar.

The documents required for filing the application fo registration:

  • Diploma
  • Grades sheet
  • Photocopy of identity card
  • Syllabus (as necessary)
  • Final project (as necessary)



Holders of a diploma from abroad must attend our office when it is open to the public and present:

  • Original diploma
  • Grades sheet signed by the academic institution
  • If the documents are written in a foreign language an original translation into Hebrew/English signed by a notary should be attached
  • Photocopy of identity card
  • Completion of a request for eligibility for registration test questionnaire



Eligibility for licensing condition


Eligibility for licensing in the fields of Civil Engineering – Buildings Department, Architecture, Landscape Architecture and Chemical Engineering shall be awarded to engineers and architects who are registered in the Register in accordance with the internship of 3 years that is defined in the criteria for licensing.

The Law allows recognition of up to two years internship abroad out of the three years, one additional complete year of internship shall be served in Israel.

In professions with reservation of activities – one year of internship should be served in Israel with a recognized instructor (a list of instructors is published on the website), it is recommended to try and become acquainted with the relevant planning laws and gain experience in town planning.  In professions without reservation of activities experience of one year in Israel is required in accordance with the registration department.

The applicant for a license must ascertain that he is registered in the requisite department for internship with an employer in the field of the registration, for example:  if the applicant is registered in civil engineering in the construction management department, he must prove experience in construction management, plus references, and specify the projects he worked on, his position, in resolution of month and year, signed and approved by the employer.


Internship in architecture procedures

Internship in engineers procedures



Licensing Examination 

  • In the fields of architecture and civil engineering – buildings department, the licensing examination should be taken at the end of the 3 years internship procedure.  The examination is composed of two parts:
    First part:  theoretical part – Law and Regulations
    Second part:  practical part – planning practice

    Criteria for Architects Licensing
    Criteria for Licensing of Building Engineers 
  • In the other engineering professions where no reservation of activities has been prescribed in the Law, the engineer will be required to serve a 3 years internship in the field in which he is registered.  He is not required to pass an examination at the end of the 3 years internship.


Assistance for immigrants - removing blocks

​The Occupations Registration and Licensing Division provides for the convenience of the immigrant/returning resident assistance in the registration and licensing process in the professions of engineering, architecture and electricity.

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