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Foreign Trade Administration

Address: 5 Bank Israel Street
Phone: 02-6662671
Fax: 02-6662941
The Foreign Trade Administration at the Ministry of Economy and Industry is entrusted with the management and direction of Israel's international trade policy.
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​The Foreign Trade Administration's main areas of operation include promoting trade and export, initiating and maintaining trade agreements to improve Israel’s trade conditions, encouraging and attracting foreign investments and establishing strategic cooperation with foreign companies.
Alongside its activity in Israel, the Administration operates an array of economic representatives who act as the bureau’s operational arm in overseas markets.
Operational goals:
  • Aid Israeli industry in extending its activity in existing markets and penetrating new markets;
  • Accompany and support individual exporters in overseas marketing activity;
  • Initiate and implement new international trade agreements and maintain existing agreements;
  • Encourage investments and strategic partnerships;
  • Improve the image of Israel's industry and market;
  • Prevent unfair competition – dumping;
  • Offer services to exporters through Israel's foreign trade array. 
The Foreign Trade Administration is organized into four branches:
  • The Policy and Trade Agreements Branch;
  • The Export Promotion Branch;
  • The Service Quality and Information Administration Branch;
  •  International Projects Financing (Industry Assistance tools Array).
The departments of Hosting, Foreign Relations, Advertisement and Public Relations and Foreign Trade Budget and Export Registration operate alongside the geographical departments.